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This is How High Your Bath, Shower and Basin Should Be

This is How High Your Bath, Shower and Basin Should Be - 1 - Showers Direct
UK bath height

When it comes to making decisions on your new bathroom, the planning and design elements are always the most fun. These are the times when you can get creative and get excited. When it comes to different looks and different designs, the world is your oyster.

There are things in the bathroom that are non-negotiable. Not the things you find there – baths, showers, etc – but the technical measurements and sizes of items that are standard within the industry. These types of things across the market will largely be the same regardless of who you buy your bathroom set from. It’s here we will explain the perfect heights for baths, showers and bathroom basins.

Why Height Matters

It may seem like the least important thing in the world, but the height and size of your bath, shower and basin are important. There are various reasons why the height of these appliances matter. The heights we provide below have been standard for several years. Standardizing these appliances makes it easier for manufacturers to provide to stores, and for stores to provide standard prices to customers before measurements and fixture and fitting prices are calculated.

Heights will matter to your bathroom for different reasons. Depending on the size of your room your bath, shower or basin may get lost in it, or alternatively may overpower the room because they are too big. Below we will walk you through the different sizes and what they mean for your bathroom planning.

UK bath height

What is the Standard Shower Size?

How high should a shower mixer be? The standard shower height for your bathroom will be 80 inches from the floor of your bath. This height should approximately leave the showerhead 1 foot from your head in the shower. Although the sizes above are standard, they aren’t that way by law. Because the above is just standard sizes, you can usually choose your own height during a bathroom renovation or when buying a new build home. During the design process, you will need to make your specifications clear.

What is the Standard Height for a Bath?

Bath sizes are less standardized than other things that come with the home. Saying this, the most common height when it comes to buying and installing a bath is 510mm. The reason that this size is a general standard is that it is easy to install in homes and will fit in most bathrooms, but it is also a good size for most abilities. Any higher than this height and they become more of a struggle for elderly or those in need of physical assistance.

What is the Standard Height for a Basin?

When having a new bathroom installed, the standard height that you can expect a basin to be installed at is approx. 800 – 850mm from the ground. This is the usual height that bathroom fitters and plumbers will work towards, instead, they are only this standard height by industry default. It is not this height for any particular reason other than comfort and design.

You will be given the option to change this if you have work done on your bathroom. Our advice is that, unless you have a particular reason for changing the height of your bathroom basin, then opt for the standard size. This will be cheaper, be less hassle and easier to install. As this is the industry standard, you’re more likely to be able to get a design you like more quickly too. But again, it all depends on the reason you’re choosing any particular height of your basin. As with all of these things, it is a personal preference to a certain extent.

UK bath height

How to Decide Which Height to go for

Like many decisions for your house, you should largely judge what you buy on personal preference. You are the one who will live with these items, and you need to be sure you like how they are set out. But there are a few things to consider before you make your decisions.

It is worth first thinking about who is using the bathroom, and whether they have any difficulty in using certain appliances or particular heights/sizes. This can be anything from the elderly, the physically impaired or even just children. Knowing whether you’re going to need a particular size and height that suits someone in your direct bubble will make the decision easier.

Then there’s the decision around the budget. Usually, bespoke designs are more expensive, which is one reason we would advise the standard size over others. If you’re set on having something a little more unique, understanding your wants and needs earlier in the decision-making process will make everything easier.

We think we’ve given you a nice introduction and summary into the heights of basins, showers and baths. These sizes are the standard industry sizes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find different sizes elsewhere. As with all things, the answer is to look around and find what is right for you.

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