FAQ: Common Water Pressure Questions

FAQ: Common Water Pressure Questions - 1 - Showers Direct
Water pressure explained?

Water Pressure is the measure of water pushing through the mains and into your household pipes. It is measured in bars (one bar is equal to the force required to push water up to the a 10m height).

What is normal water pressure?

Normal water pressure in your home should range between 30 and 80PSI. Anything going above 80PSI would be considered too high and cause serious damage such as leaking pipes, mould growth etc. if left un-repaired.

How can I check my water pressure?

To test low water pressure at home, you will need a few items; first a 1-2 litre and your phone timer. Start running the water once you start the timer. Stop the timer after 6 seconds – Now multiply the volume of water in litres (eg. 0.9 litres) by 10.

This equals the flow rate in litres per minute – i.e. 0.9 litres in 6 seconds equals 9 litres per minute. If it is less than 10 litres per minute it would be considered low. Ideally 15 litres and above per minute is considered good.

How do I know if I have high or low water pressure?

To determine if you have low water pressure check the system you have in your home if it is a Gravity-Fed system you will have a cold water tank stored in the loft and a large hot copper cylinder in the hot press upstairs.

If you have high water pressure you might have combi-boiler it will usually be located in your kitchen close to wear the cold mains enter your property or an unvented system boiler which can be installed anywhere. Indirectly heated by a boiler, solar panels, or directly fuelled by electricity, gas or oil.

What is low pressure system in a house?

As mentioned above, a low pressure water system typically is through a Gravity-Fed system. The water pressure supplied around your home is determined upon the height in which the cold storage tank sits from the location of the taps around your house.

Every 1 metre drop from the water tank is approx equal to around 0.1 Bar in pressure. The upstairs bathroom will normally sit around 2 metres below your tank, resulting in a water pressure of 0.2 Bar, and in the kitchen, around 5 metres below your tank, therefore you get approx 0.5 Bar of pressure.

What shower is best for low pressure?

Depending on your system an electric shower could be a good option. They are easy to install and will only heat the water used while showering avoiding wastage and saving you time and money. Take for example the Mira Elite SE pumped electric shower. If you are unsure call us we can help point your in the right direction.

Can you have a power shower with low water pressure?

Short answer, yes you can have power shower other-known as a pumped shower with a low pressure system. In fact, the Mira Event XS thermostatic pumped electric shower is a powerful addition to your bathroom. It has a built-in electrical pump used to increase the flow rate which makes the showering experience much more enjoyable.

Can you increase shower water pressure?

There is ways that may help increase your water more cost-effective than replacing your entire plumbing system.

  • Try cleaning your showerhead. Inpsect and ensure the shower hose isn’t kinked or damaged, then check the filter. This might require taking your shower apart, so you may need to speak with your plumber.
  • Alternatively update your showerhead: If limescale build-up has clogged your showerhead or hose beyond repair, it might be time for a new showerhead. “The fewer and finer the holes are in the head, the stronger the water flow will feel.” – Mira 2023.
  • Make sure all the water isolators are turned on fully. The mains stopcock valve could be partially closed, slowing the water flow throughout your home. 

If these don’t work:

  • Fit a water pump: A water pump or pressurised cylinder may be able to attach to your existing system, boosting the flow.  Consult a plumber for advice before investing in a pump, as this may not work for all existing showers.
  • Investing in a power shower, as previously discussed a power shower has an electrically driven pump that releases water from your hot and cold supply. Specifically designed to operate even with low-pressure systems.

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