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At Showers Direct, we aim to make choosing the right shower quick and easy. Your bathroom project will be one step ahead without the fuss or added delay. With our vast range of Mira showers equipped for all types of households, you will have an abundance of showers to choose from. If your unsure of what type of shower you need call us and we can assist you every step of the way. 

When you call Showers Direct, you will be speaking directly with an industry expert who will aim to get you the best shower at the best price. That perfect bathroom will be yours in no time. 



Established in 1921 

With over 80 years experience in plumbing distribution across the UK and Ireland. Showers Direct was eagerly launched online in 2019 to give both trade and public customers access to an abundance of industry knowledge. Our expert advisors have helped many customers over the decades and are now able to reach more customers, much faster online. 


Largest Mira Range Online

Showers Direct have developed a strong partnership with Mira over the years. As a leading UK shower brand, Mira Showers are reliable, long-lasting products that include the latest in shower technology with features including Mira HydoGlo, MagniFlo and Clearscale technology.

At Showers Direct, we have continued to expand our range to include the latest in Mira technology so customers have a diverse range of electric, digital, mixer and power showers to choose from. 


Sustainability Focus

More businesses are becoming aware of the effects their operations can have on the environment. Gradual changes are on the rise and how we operate within the industry that is why we are delighted Mira has taken steps to reach carbon neutral by 2035. Recently joining forces with British Gas to make all Mira sites operational through renewable energy; this means that all the electricity used on Mira sites will be generated by renewable sources such as solar and wind turbines.

Finding new ways to increase recycling unused items and reducing the amount of shower products thrown away. Mira is looking to provide customers with a more sustainable choice when choosing their products.Water usage, as well as manufacturing and shipping processes, are key to Mira’s targets. Technical innovations are one way forward that Mira is hoping to change the water usage of its customer by creating products that provide a powerful flow but use less water.

To find out more about Mira’s sustainability project click here:

Mira Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2022 

Showers Direct have taken approaches to reduce our carbon footprint with every purchase made through Stripe 1% goes to removing CO2 from the atmosphere.     

Find out more at  Stripe Introduces Stripe Climate - Removing Carbon As You Grow - BallyhooClimate


Why shop at Showers Direct?

  • High quality Mira showers made affordable 
  • Free and Fast Delivery within 2-3 working days
  • Speak directly with an expert 
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