Digital Showers

Digital Showers offer a world of technology at your fingertips. Gain control over your shower at the touch of a button. Our range of digital showers offers various innovative features, unlike many regular showers. Digital showers give you the desired option to warm up your shower from your smartphone. Take advantage of stepping into a shower just how you like it, every single time. Similar to mixed showers, digital showers take water from the hot and cold supplies. This method allows it to mix the water to your ideal set temperature. If you want to enhance your shower experience, you’re in the right place.

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Digital Shower FAQ

What is a digital shower and how does it work? Unlike more traditional showers, a digital shower offers the desirable function to control the thermostat remotely. The control unit can be located under a bath or shower tray or alternatively in the roof space or wall cavity. Changing your digital shower temperature can be done usually by smartphone or app.
Digital showers fulfil the needs of modern electric showers, but they don’t heat water like an electric showers does. Digital showers use electricity for controlling features such as the strength of water and temperature. However, electric showers and digital showers do differ. Unlike electric showers, digital showers do not use electricity to heat the water, instead digital technology powers the control mechanism.
Digital showers are a step above regular showers as they boast the latest technology that makes your shower like no other. Mixer showers function by drawing hot and cold water to mix them to your ideal shower temperature. Instead of getting in the shower and setting the valve while you’re in there, you can do that all digitally, either by app or fixture outside the shower.
A regular power shower uses hot and cold water and the water is heated up using a household boiler which is then stored for use. An electric shower only uses a cold water supply and it heats up the water as it’s used.
Digital showers are controlled by a thermostat which makes them very reliable as you will get no random spikes or drops in temperature. Digital shower technology makes them far more accurate than regular mixer showers.
Gravity-fed showers will always need a pump option to boost the water, they generally use the focus of gravity. High pressure and combi boiler systems will only work with digital showers if they don’t have a pump.