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Showers Direct

At Showers Direct we aim to provide unbeatable quality and service at an affordable price. We benefit from a long working relationship with Mira Showers and Rada Controls which gives us superior knowledge within the industry. Our customers can rest assured that they will receive a first-class service. We supply quality showers and parts such as showerheads and accessories for domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

About Us
About Showers Direct

Why Choose Showers Direct

We supply quality products manufactured by Mira Showers and Rada Controls. Mira is committed to minimising its impact on the environment through strict environmental guidelines, following in Kohler’s steps.

We supply quality products manufactured by Mira Showers and Rada Controls.

We only stock high-quality products.

We offer free quotations for your requirements.

If you are a developer or an installer, we offer highly competitive prices when buying 6 or more products.

We offer FREE shipping for all orders over £100. |   

Domestic Sales

Mira Showers have over 90 years of history, making invigorating, refreshing and soothing showers is what they do best. Their expert knowledge has been used to create some of the most exquisite and innovative designs in showering, from digital showers to elegant taps and accessories. Now it’s time to find the shower that matches your needs.

Commercial Sales

Rada has pioneered washroom and water flow control solutions since launching the very first thermostatic mixing valve in the 1930s. Today they offer the UK’s widest range of showering, washroom controls, fittings and systems designed for commercial applications.

Delivering Quality through Professionalism

We believe in only offering the best to our customers. What really sets Mira’s products apart is that they design, manufacture and assemble their products in the UK. They are one of the largest investors in research and development within the consumer durable sector. Mira 100% test every product before it leaves the factory, even down to spare parts. Mira Clearscale technology has also been proven to reduce limescale build-up. If you’re looking for a long-lasting shower, you’re in the right place. We have it all, whatever you’re looking for high-pressure shower, mixer showers, electric showers or a shower suited for low-pressure systems.

Types of Mira Showers?

EV (Exposed variable)
The Mira mixer shower control is fixed securely to the wall exterior. That means that the shower comes with a showerhead, hose, clamp, bracket and slide bar.

BIR (Built-in-Rigid)
The showers controls and showerhead are both built into the wall which means they’re completely hidden away.

BIV (Built-in Variable)
Similar to BIR showers, the shower control is built into the wall. The main difference is that this shower has an exposed showerhead and hose on the outside wall.

ER (Exposed Rigid)
Both the shower controls and showerhead are wall-mounted. It has a single riser bar that contains the showers controls.

ERD (Exposed rigid with diverter)
This model is similar to the ER model, but the ERD model has a single riser bar with the added option to divert to a secondary showerhead for added flexibility.

We have everything available from the Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower to thermostatic mixer showers and a whole range of showers with impressive high-pressure capability. Browse the accessory range with all the shower fittings needed for a great showering experience.



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