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Easy to use

The Mira Excel has an exposed shower valve with a clean chrome finish. The exposed valve has a temperature control with a numbered dial. This dial allows you to set your ideal water temperature and step into your shower with this pre-set function to ensure a great experience every time.

Powerful performance

Mira Magni-flo™ technology delivers up to 3x more flow, even at low pressure. With a thermostatic mixer and unbeatable flow, you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Safer showering

The temperature control and maximum temperature stop make it safe for all the family. Mixer showers take water from your hot and cold water supplies and mix them to create your ideal temperature.



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The ultimate in reliability and safety make this Mira mixer a favourite for the family bathroom. The Functional thermostatic mixer delivers the perfect temperature every time you put them into play. It’s complete with a riser rail, hose, shower head and mixer valve. Discover more about the UK’s best-selling mixer shower, the Mira Excel EV Thermostatic Mixer Shower below.


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5 year warranty

Installation and User Guide


Features and Benefits

Experience the UK’s best-selling mixer shower. The Mira Excel EV is the ultimate option when it comes to reliability and safety.


  • Easy to use

    Separate flow rate and temperature controls with a numbered temperature dial so you can set and forget.

  • Powerful performance

    Mira Magni-flo™ technology delivers up to 3x more flow, even with low water pressure.

  • Safer showering

    The temperature control and maximum temperature stop make it a safer experience for all the family.

  • Ultimate compatibility

    It works with all systems and pressures, it’s even compatible with low water pressure. The showerheads feature numerous spray patterns to suit your requirements.

  • Unique spray experiences

    Featuring a 4 spray showerhead handset for a greater showering experience, and rub-clean nozzles for easy cleaning.

  • Guaranteed reliability

    It’s the expert installer’s favourite due to its proven reliable performance. It boasts a premium chrome finish and is designed to stay looking as good as new. Mira showers are known for their quality showers and have a great reputation.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with fully modulating combi boilers and instantaneous gas water heaters. It’s also compatible with a gravity-fed hot and cold water supply and gravity-fed hot and cold pumped water supply. If you’re looking for a new shower to compliment your shower enclosure, look no further than Showers Direct.



How do you install a Mira thermostatic shower?

We have an Installation and User Guide and a video within the installation tab.

What is an EV shower?

EV stands for ‘Expose Variable’ which means an EV shower has finished pipework that sits outside of the wall and tile surface. The shower sits on top of the pipework, flush with the wall surface.

How do I adjust the temperature on my Mira Excel shower?

To adjust the temperature for your shower you can just use the manual temperature control attached to your wall. If you want to change the maximum temperature output then you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the temperature control gauge from the front of the shower.
  2. Turn the white hub further towards the hot setting which should be to the left-hand side.
  3. Test the water from the shower to see if the temperature has improved to a standard you’re happy with.
  4. If you’re still not happy with the temperature, loosen the hub by unscrewing it via the centre screw.
  5. Pull the hub out and off of the splines slightly. Turn it 1/4 to the hot side (left).
  6. Once you’ve got the correct temperature, reassemble all components.
  7. By adjusting the hub’s position, the maximum temperature potential should have noticeably increased. However, if you do not wish to do this yourself, or these steps don’t work, contact a professional.



Unbeatable at all pressures, the Mira Excel EV is the UK’s number one mixer shower.

  • Temperature control

    • Control type: Thermostatic
    • Thermostatic shutdown: Within 2 seconds
    • Adjustable maximum temperature for on-site conditions
  • Installation Information

    • Water entry points: Rising, falling or rear
    • Inlet connections: 15mm compression
    • Outlet connections: ½” BSP Male Flat Face
    • Reversed inlets support: Yes
    • Adjustable pipe centres: 150-155mm
  • Supply Conditions (hot and cold)

    • Cold water range: Up to 25°C
    • Hot water range: 55°C-65°C
    • Minimum maintained pressure: 0.1 bar (1 metre head)
    • Maximum maintained pressure: 5.0 bar (50 meter head)
    • Maximum static pressure: 10.0 bar (100 metre head)
  • Benefits for your customer

    • Separate temperature and flow controls
    • Maximum temperature stop for added safety, with over-ride button
    • Ceramic flow control resists limescale
    • Four spray showerhead
  • Easy to fit & Maintain

    • Quickly and easily fits onto reversed inlet supplies
    • Large, long-life filters
    • Replaceable cartridge
    • Unrivalled performance on any pressure
    • 4 spray 9 cm showerhead with rub clean nozzles
  • Product Approvals

    • WRAS Approved

We have a wide range of power showers, mixer showers, electric showers, and state-of-the-art digital showers so if this shower isn’t for you, we’ll have one that is.


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