Top 10 Most Popular Bathroom Makeovers on TikTok

most watch tiktok renovations

Bathroom renovations before & after pictures have always been a favorite on Instagram, but more recently TikTok took this to a whole other level. These short & sweet TikTok videos don’t just show us the before and after, they often show us everything in between. The hard work, the bathroom hacks we’d have never known about, and how we can spend less but achieve more. 

1)offliveoak: 3.5M views

Two parents did a surprise bathroom makeover for their 10-year old daughter. Her very own double sink bathroom at the age of 10, very lucky. She wanted to get rid of the teal and replace it with a beach theme.  

Her parents used two coats of white to remove the teal. The countertops were also painted white to save money. They fitted new mirrors and lighting which finished off the transformation nicely. 

2)_ohabode: 3.5M views

This TikTok isn’t a whole bathroom transformation, but _ohabode proves that you can still give that wow factor with a lick of paint and £15. She used primer and sanding between coats to prep her taps and shower, using plastic sheeting to protect surrounding areas. Possibly the most amazing thing about this transformation was that she created a faux crittal effect on the shower screen using the same materials and electrical tape.

She finished off with around 2-3 coats of black matte spray paint before cleaning up with pure acetone.


Add a little bit of ✨spice✨ HOME EDITION 🏡 the vid is pre panelling but hopefully the paint comes this week! ##diy ##bathroom ##renovation ##remodel

♬ original sound - Kaitlyn

3)alittlevictorianreno: 3.3M views

Becky and Ro are renovating their colourful Victorian semi. Their aim was to add some spice into their bathroom and they definitely achieved that! Adding opal marine tiles as a statement piece brings this bathroom to life. With traditional features like a roll-top bath and a high-level flush toilet, this bathroom undoubtedly fits with the character of the house.


Self-renovation on half of one bathroom. Stay tuned for 2nd half 🙌🏼 ##renovation ##diy ##project ##newhome ##makeover ##homerenovation ##women ##foryoupage

♬ Level Up - Ty Culver

4)kyralynncarter: 2.8M views

Kyralynnecarter decided to do it herself and she did an amazing job transforming half of her bathroom. She started by removing the tiles from the wall and countertop. She handmade the new marble effect countertop, cutting it to size, sanding it down and fitting it into place. Placing hexagon tiles, this bathroom suddenly becomes much more sleek and modern. She drills holes for the sink to be fitted and finishes up with a new lick of paint on the cabinets, new taps, lights, mirrors and accessories.

This Tiktok isn’t instantly satisfying, but it shows the hard work that goes into many of these transformations. Tearing this bathroom back to basics was a long process but by the end, it looks like a totally different bathroom. 

Hammsmom wanted to tear her bathroom apart and started with the sink area. They removed the sink, counter and mirror to start fresh, and then handmade a new countertop which they sanded and stained. With a new vessel sink, taps, lights peel & stick wallpaper and white faux panelling that area was now done. They continued the panelling effect and wallpaper all around the bathroom for cohesion. 

7)thesidneyrain: 1.5M views

Thesidneyrain decided to do her parents bathroom up for Christmas, how lovely! She did this by spending less than £35 ($50) which is pretty amazing. She stripped the walls and only needed one roll of wallpaper from Amazon and a tub of paint to complete the job. 

The mirror and sink were free from Facebook Marketplace which enabled her to take this transformation one step further without a big budget.

8)maddiemason8: 1.5M views

Maddiemason8’s bathroom transformation is one of our favourites. You can see why this one is popular on TikTok. This bathroom was completely gutted before having a completely new look. This bathroom features classic pieces such as the showerhead and timeless sink. It also has modern fittings like the shower screen that is actually from Victoria Plumb. 

9)jordankane01: 1.4M views

Jordan renovates this dated peach bathroom into a simplistic and modern design. The matte black towel rail and finishes make this bathroom very on-trend. The hexagon tiles take this dated bathroom to the next level. You may have noticed by now, black-framed grid glass panels are a favourite on Tik Tok.

10)philsremodeling: 1.2M views

This bathroom project started out rather dingy and ended up being a bright, clean sanctuary.

He started by removing everything existing in the bathroom including the tiles, bath and sink. After welding the pipes, the bathroom was ready for a black grouted walk-in shower. New paint, marble sink counter with black taps, mirror and accessories and this bright bathroom was completely unrecognisable to its previous state. 



We analysed TikTok data to reveal the most-watched bathroom renovations using the number of views function. Where some videos received the same amount of views, we used likes to rank them accordingly. We used the top two most used hashtags which were #bathroomrenovations #bathroommakeover.