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Choosing a Digital Shower or Electric Shower?

Choosing a Digital Shower or Electric Shower? - 1 - Showers Direct

Have you recently started the process of installing a new bathroom or replacing an existing shower? If yes, then you might be assessing your options to get the most out of your shower. Choosing between an Electric or Digital shower – boils down to one key difference, the water supply.

(Ultimately any shower installation should be consulted with your plumber or electrician. So make sure to discuss prior to purchase.)

Digital Shower or Electric Shower?

Electric Shower Installation

Electric showers are a great for quick installation, ease of use and known for being energy efficient. Electric showers only need access to a cold water mains supply to be installed making this a strong option for many households including rented property, extensions and new builds. Electric showers use a heating element inside the main body of the shower unit to heat up the water. When you turn the shower on this process is activated while the shower is running. Electric showers can give you access to instant hot water in no time and a safe thermostatic option with most Mira electric showers.

Choosing a Digital Shower or Electric Shower? - 2 - Showers Direct

Electric Shower Recommendations:

We recommend the Mira Advance, Mira Sport and Mira Azora electric showers as our three favourites for giving ease of use, powerful performance and clean style that goes well in most spaces.

Digital Shower Installation

Digital showers require both hot and cold water supply for installation and use electrical power to control you shower settings like temperature, on/off, flow, presets you will also find most digital showers have LED lights to signal different prompts like flashing when the water is heating up. Rather than a standard mixer shower which uses levers and button mechanisms.

Digital showers tend to be more expensive that other shower types but one of the best features of a digital shower is you can use an app to control your shower settings such as presets, on/off, temperature, water usage and more. This in the longterm helps keep track of water consumption and allows you to customise your shower preference and also could save on your energy bills, as they also tend to be more eco-conscience.

There is lots of options for digital showers which can get very overwhelming. Choosing between single outlet or dual outlet or between ceiling fed or rear fed with wireless controls inside and outside of the bathroom. There is lots more details to figure out but once you understand what would work best in your space it will make customising it all the more personal and bespoke.

It is also important to consult with your plumber to see what digital shower is compatible HP/Combi-Boiler or LP/Pumped for Gravity which is dependent on your household water system.

Digital Shower Recommendations:

We recommend the Mira Platinum and Mira Mode range of digital showers for their versatility and customisation settings.


We hope this helps make your shower choice a little easier and you go away more informed than when you started. While both Electric and Digital showers come with their pros and cons it really comes down to understanding you system, when you have that down you will have lot of options, colours and tech to choose from as all our Mira showers come with their own modern features that will ensure you get high performing shower.

For more information on your options and help with choosing the Mira shower perfect for your system call us and speak to a Mira expert directly. +44 028 9044 8861.