How can I make my Bathroom Last Longer?

Want your bathroom to last long after it’s expected lifespan? We done the research listing several ways you can give your bathroom a long and happy life in your home while staying intact and flawless.

Some of these tips will be more specific depending on how far into your bathroom journey you are; whether that’s the thinking stage, the ‘plumber is booked’ stage, or the ‘5+ year old bathroom needs some tlc’ stage.

A good rule of thumb that can be applied at any stage is to “spend the budget on the things you touch and notice โ€“ taps, shower fittings, tiles” (Charlotte McCaughan-Hawes, deputy digital editor, H&G, 2023)

When you invest in high quality materials that is used often in your home you will immediately feel the difference. If maintained properly can also prevent future costs racking up with things like part replacements, repairs and unexpected damage.

If you’re unsure what shower you need or want to speak to someone who knows, give us a call or email and we can discuss your options.

Follow our tips below if you want to know how to help prolong your bathroom and find the best pieces so you can enjoy it for many years.

Make your Bathroom last starting with…

A good durable shower

As one of the most utilised pieces in your bathroom, it is important to get a good high quality shower that isn’t going to brake in a year.

With many types of showers like Electric, Digital, Mixer and Power showers it can be hard to know what type of shower you need. We always recommend consulting your ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ”งย  plumber first to discuss your options based on your household water system. This can determine if you need a high pressure or low pressure shower.

A great shower plays a vital role in your bathroom and sets you and the whole family up for the day. Once you understand type of shower you need, spend some time researching your different models and features. Whatever you choose it needs to be fit for purpose. Mira offer up to 5 years warranty, with family-friendly options, safer showering using thermostatic control and Mira Clearscale technology for reduced limescale build-up.

As stated by Mira: “we are permanently undertaking research to explore, monitor and test the growth of [limescale] it so that it can be better understood. First, we complete accelerated life testing on our units at a business called Hydramec who are located in a hard water area of Norfolk. Once this is completed, we then send the tests to Cranfield University who then assess the output.”

Our recommendations:

(L to R: Mira Miniluxe Diverter ERD, Mira Opero Dual, Mira Vigour T-Dual)

Extractor fans and plenty of ventilation

Nobody wants a damp, mould infested bathroom that strips your walls. To keep your bathroom in tact make sure to turn on your extractor fan when showering, bathing and perhaps keep it on that little bit longer after you’re done. It’s also important to open your window and keep it on the lock regularly to let fresh air in and access moisture out.

Good quality taps

Similar to showers, taps get used a dozen times a day and can begin to wear. They can start to loosen overtime, causing problems like leaks, dirt and grime build up. Look for taps that have robust and high quality finish that can withstand frequent use. Out of all the Mira taps, we recommend these for their family-friendly function and easy to clean design.

(L to R: Mira Precision, Mira Honesty, Mira Evolve)

All the Grout

You would think choosing grout is a no-brainer after all it’s just cement right?! Well not exactly there is two decisions you need to make when it comes to choosing grout. 1.) Type of grout 2.) Colour of grout.

Epoxy grout is one of the best ways to get the most out of your tiles. It’s made from epoxy resins and hardener that make this grout very strong and durable, rather than cement. The only downside to epoxy is that can be difficult to install if you’re doing it yourself, however it does no harm to discuss with your bathroom installer or tiler the possibility of using epoxy.

You will find this is one small but very maintainable change. There is nothing that makes a bathroom look more aged than dirty, worn grout.

The other most important decision to consider is the colour. Epoxy comes in a variety of colour options. Going with white will keep your tiles looking fresh but can also dirty quicker over time. Darker grout like grey will give you a subtle change more so with higher contrast tiles.


Upgrade Showerhead

Shower-heads can start get dirty quite easily and one of the biggest giveaways is when the spray volume starts to decrease. Try submerging your shower-head in white vinegar for a few hours and gently clean this should help remove the built-up scale. If it’s too far gone, it could be time to consider changing your shower-head. One we recommend is the award-winning Mira Switch.

The Mira Switch was designed with a silicone spray face and rub clean nozzles for easy clean. This helps reduce limescale build up. It is dermatologically accredited and has 1 years warranty. The downside is it is only compatible with Digital and Mixer showers for electric showers we would suggest the Mira Nectar perfect for any system.

How can I make my Bathroom Last Longer? - 2 - Showers Direct
Water Softener

A water softener can be very useful in areas where there is hard water. It works by using tiny beads to draw the hard water minerals in from the water as it enters your tank and outputs soft water.

Doing this can significantly reduce limescale, prolonging the lifespan of your bathroom fixtures. To check your water type in your area type your postcode into Aquacure.

Use items you know will be easy to find extra

As much as we love a good one of kind find it may be worth considering if that item will be easy to get replaced say things like handles that may damage over time. Will it be easy to repair? Is there an abundance of similar parts or exact pairings easily available? The last thing you want is to go through all the effort restoring and installing a piece for it to be replaced again down the line.

This can happen with larger upcycles or restored pieces like bathtubs or vanity units, make sure to do your research so when it comes to repairs or upgrades you know exactly how to prepare.

Large enough Sink or Vanity

Choosing a sink or vanity that has more surface area can help avoid water splashing up, getting stuck in small crevices and eroding the space around your sink and taps. Sinks with more surface area will last longer over prolonged usage.

A great way to make sure you really cover every detail is prep before hand. Get your Pinterest board ready. For inspo, visit our Pinterest where we share a lot of bathroom ideas.