Why we love Mira Digital Showers

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In our humble opinion, Mira digital showers or smart showers are the epitome of bathroom luxury. Enjoying the quiet convenience of taking your makeup off or finishing your workout knowing your shower is warming up, ready to melt the stresses of daily life away. With the added bonus of digital technology, you can start relaxing well before you even step foot in the bathroom. Not to mention, we love a shower that prioritises eco-mode, giving users the option to record water usage and overall, a big save on household energy.

What are Digital Showers?

Digital showers have a digital valve and smart remote controller. Hot and cold water is mixed together to create your ideal temperature. Allowing for precise control of temperature and flow. For more customisation users can then adjust their shower preferences using the dedicated shower app.

So why Mira Digital Showers?

Aside from being long time specialists and advocates of Mira products. There is three things we want when it comes to our digital shower: 1.) Customisation 2.) App Control 3.) Modern Design.

The good news is Mira digital showers come readily available with the Mira Shower App, easy to download from Google Playstore or Apple Store. Where you can test features like voice control – start your shower with just a few words. It allows you to customise presets for temperature and flow so you can have up to 10 different temperature variations for the different household members, and the lovely warm-up mode, which you can enable so the shower won’t start until it reaches your desired temperature, the controller will flash once its ready to use.

Mira have thought of the little details when it comes to many design options, alongside the single outlet you have dual outlet options which lets you switch between handsets and overheads, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Mira Mode

One of Mira’s most popular digital showers is the Mira Mode, a stunningly sleek and modern all chrome shower with stylish light up digital controller where you can precisely adjust the temperature to your liking. With the Mira App you will have ultimate control from anywhere in your home. What’s even more special about the Mode, is the Mira Switch. An award-winning shower head with a 130mm spray head with a touch of a button you can jump between four spray settings, for total personalisation. This is our ultimate favourite feature but we could not resist mentioning a few more…


  • Ten custom presets available for the whole family.
  • Like a smart meter for your bath, your app reports exactly how much water you use. So you can see the big difference that a tiny adjustment makes.
  • Four spray modes: Saturate, Soak, Stimulate and Soothe.
  • Simple push-button controller provides thermostatic and flow control for bath and shower, with adjustable maximum temperature setting for safer showering and bathing.

Mira Platinum

The Mira Platinum is nothing if not stunning. From exquisite chrome detailing, and modern design to clean and contemporary edges paired with user friendly features and functionality. While the list goes on and on as to why we are in total awe of these showers, we listed some of our favourite features we guarantee you will love.


  • Mira Platinum connects to your smart home. So you can ask Alexa to warm up your shower. Or set a schedule in Google Home.
  • Mira Platinum has several features to let you conserve water and energy, including showing your water usage and timing your shower in Eco mode.
  • Your Mira 360 handset rotates to match the spray to your mood, from a stimulating blast before work to a luxurious soaking after a winter’s walk. (Rain, Glide, Silk, Burst).
  • Energy-efficient wireless user interface offers up to several months’ battery life. To recharge, simply pop it out of the magnetic cradle and connect it to a USB-C plug.

Want to learn more about Digital and Smart showers you can visit our other blog post here or shop the full Mira Platinum and Mira Mode range here. Get in touch with any questions via email or phone.

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