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Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024

Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 1 - Showers Direct

It’s almost that time, everything is winding down, the year of 2023 is drawing to a close, you maybe starting to plan for 2024, perhaps thinking of changing your bathroom in 2024. Look no further for all your bathroom trends and ideas, as we breakdown bathroom trend predictions for 2024.

10 Bathroom Trend Predictions in 2024

Going Digital
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 2 - Showers Direct

Smart technology is available across all your household gadgets, so why should your shower be any different. Mira’s new state of the art features make showering much more personalised and convenient. In 2024, we will see a rise in automation, voice control and all encompassing digital showers such as the Mira Platinum and Mira Mode. A useful and modern addition to any bathroom. Alongside the app it will become the ultimate luxury to climb out of bed and straight into an already warm shower all with the touch of a button.


In 2024, we will all be doing our part to help the environment and lowering our water usage is one step in the right direction. We will see a rise in eco-friendly features and just like digital showers – more showers will have built-in eco features so you can track and monitor your water consumption.

Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 3 - Showers Direct

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or spa and thought to yourself ‘I could live here’. Well this could be possible, there is certain things you can do to make your bathroom a spathroom. That’s right, no longer a room in your home to quickly shower after work or brush your teeth before bed. We can look at our bathroom as our own at home oasis. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The growing rise in wellness and self care has more people thinking of ways they can incorporate peace and relaxation into their surroundings starting at home. With more of us now working from home it can be hard to create separate spaces, where work ends and personal time begins.

Closing the door should transport you to your own personal spa. Using soft muted colours and furnishing will keep the space light and airy. Adding natural elements like wicker, linen, wood, warm toned hardware will keep the space cosy and inviting. Your space should appeal to all of the senses, candles will create ambience and relaxing smells such as lavender or ylang ylang. Light fixtures are also vital and under-utlislied when creating a relaxing space, use soft warm bulbs or led strip lighting around the mirror/ along the floor.

It’s important to also keep the space free from clutter, if you have the budget adding in custom shelving or cabinetry to store your bits and bobs like skincare or extra towels or kids bath toys so it can all be tucked neatly away but in easy reach. Keeping your space clean and minimal will reduce distraction so you can solely focus on you.

Earthy Tones
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 4 - Showers Direct

Bringing a touch of the outdoors in – is a big trend for next year. It’s been in the design rotation for several years and still going strong. The use of earthy design, colours and texture will help achieve the earthy bathroom trend. Use of beiges, greys, browns and other muted colours mixed with natural materials like woods, clay, concrete adds an element of grounding and ease. As we mentioned above your bathroom should balance function with beauty. A room you want to spend time getting ready, unwinding and purposeful for the whole family.

Fluted Features
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 5 - Showers Direct

Fluted design is probably the most fun and exciting design trend to make this years list. Fluted glass, wall panelling, cabinetry and accents can all benefit from this adaptable switch up. It is a nice steer away from your plain or shaker style and we don’t see it going anywhere soon. Fluted glass, adds sophistication and a strong focal point in your space, making the smaller details standout.

Mixed Metals
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 6 - Showers Direct

That’s right, heavy metal is back – in someway or another. We’re talking matt black fixtures, with chrome handles and brushed nickel showers like the Mira Opero paired with a black framed mirrors and copper taps. Leaning towards warmer metals, like brushed nickel and copper will add character and a sense of individuality to your space.

Built-in Showers
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 7 - Showers Direct

Gone are the days of 90×90 square enclosed showers its all about the open flow of a walk-in shower or concealed showers in 2024. Concealed showers act almost like a second room or hideaway. Plus this showers are perfect for hosting another popular bathroom trend, the built in wall shelf as picture above. These shelves are customisable and can hold all your soaps and toiletries taking them off the floor or overflowing shelves and neatly tucking them away.

Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 8 - Showers Direct

Remaining a strong continuous trend going into 2024 – When you go for a monchrome or solid colour, it can sometimes make your bathroom appear drab or lacklustre. Sometimes your funky towels and graphic bath matt don’t cut it. That is why we recommend adding some plants to your space – it will bring life to the space while also providing health benefits such as purifying the air, reducing mold/mildue and can help with breathing. Choose plants that can withstand humidity and lower light levels such as aloe vera, english ivy, bamboo, Dracaena or snake plants. Make sure to do your research and choose plants that are suitable for your bathroom conditions.

Hybrid Aesthetic
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 9 - Showers Direct

The latest trend to hit, is the hybrid aesthetic – perfect for those who like a bit of everything. It merges cottage-core with ultra modern elements. Think contemporary clean fixtures paired with vintage or thrifted accessories. As you can see in the examples above it could be natural pieces like wooden cabinetry contrasting with hard metal sconces and taps or wicker baskets to create an eclectic blend of style and textures.

Freestanding Tubs with a Twist
Bathroom Trend Predictions 2024 - 10 - Showers Direct

Freestanding tubs are a quintessential feature in any luxury bathroom and remain the most highly sought after addition to any bathroom, they are a complete statement – emanating elegance. In 2024, your options are endless and it doesn’t stop at your classic clawfoot tub, we’re talking different shapes, different materials, different colours. Copper tub anyone? New bathroom owners will see freestanding marble tubs, black oval tubs or even carved out stone tubs, there is a tub for any style out there and can become even more of a luxury with the added creative touch.


We hope you enjoyed our round up of bathroom trends for 2024 and even found some inspiration for your next bathroom makeover whether big or small. We have a whole host of showers to suit whatever design you go for so make sure to contact us via phone or email with any of your questions.


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