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What is a Thermostatic Shower : Benefits & Installation

What is a Thermostatic Shower : Benefits & Installation - 1 - Showers Direct

What is a Thermostatic Shower?

A thermostatic shower runs directly from your boiler it has a cold main water supply and hot pipe giving you steady and consistent water pressure. Once you set your desired temperature on a thermostatic shower you can shower with ease knowing it’ll be ready at the right temperature as soon as you turn the shower on again.

How do they work?

Thermostatic showers use a thermostatic valve to mix the hot and cold feeds in the right ratio before sending the water through the showerhead.  The link between water temperature and water pressure, helps ensure there is a steady flow throughout your shower.  Some advanced showers will use automatic shut down if the water pressure fluctuates and the temperature gets too hot, making for much safer showering.

Thermostatic showers work much like mixer taps whereas electric showers work in a similar way to kettles. They use cold water mains and pass through an electric heating element before the water is warm enough to use.

What are the Disadvantages of a Thermostatic Shower?

Two things to consider when buying a thermostatic shower is that they can be more expensive to purchase and to run at the beginning.

Who is a Thermostatic Shower best suited for?

A thermostatic shower will suit any household but those who will find it most beneficial is larger households especially with younger children or elderly. As with a thermostatic shower it does not matter who uses the shower you won’t have to worry about the risk of getting scaled with safer showering being the focus and temperature control.

What is different about Thermostatic to other showers?

The main difference is how they run, electric showers use an electric heating element to heat the water up whereas a thermostatic shower requires a boiler. Thermostatic are also considered more energy efficient as it uses less electric to heat the water than electric.

Is there affordable options?

While thermostatic showers lean on the more expensive side they’re known to last longer than their electric counterpart. You will find the average cost varies around the £150-300 mark.

Some of our best valued include:

Mira Coda Pro ERD :

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Mira Vigour Thermostatic:

How are they installed?

It is always important to consult your plumber on any changes to new or existing showers. Your plumber will be able to recommend what type of shower is best suited to your system.