How much does it cost for a Bathroom Renovation UK?

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Thinking about bathroom renovations? Deciding what work needs done and the cost it’s going to take, can all too quickly grow into one massive undertaking and a further hit to the wallet. You may have been thinking about renovating for awhile but in today’s climate, the cost of living keeps getting higher and higher and you may have been putting it off to save.

However, there is still many reasons why renovating is worth the expense. For new homeowners it may be that the property needs some tlc, a personal touch to make it feel like home and existing homeowners could see an increase in the value of their property, so much as 5% when you make home improvements, especially bathroom updates.

Whatever the reason, you can find a comprehensive breakdown of what costs you might accrue paying close attention to showers and taps as we try our best to highlight some of our best for every budget. Knowing some of these costs may help you understand where to invest your budget and where to pull back.

We can only give estimated costs as prices will fluctuate depending on other factors such as size of bathroom and the amount of work needing done. Which can contribute to a significant portion of your bathrooms overall cost.

Average Cost of a New Bathroom

According to research, the average cost of renovating your bathroom is £7200. This can vary depending on the need for additional extras; tiles, floors, electrics, windows etc. but generally speaking expect to pay between £5K-15K depending on budget and size of bathroom.

How much does a Shower cost?

Shower TypeBudgetMid rangeLuxury
Electric ShowersMira Vie £129-157
Mira Jump £141-175
Mira Elite £252-259
Mira Sport £249-294
Mira Galena £489
Mira Azora Dual £375
Mixer ShowersMira Relate EV £108.50Mira Coda Pro ERD £245.50Mira Evoco Dual £589
Mira Evoco Triple £605
Digital ShowersMira Mode single – Rear Fed £469.98Mira Mode Dual – Rear Fed £578Mira Platinum Dual – Ceiling Fed £839.25
Power Showers Vigour Manual £189.50Mira Vigour Thermostatic £219
Mira Event XS Manual £358.95
Mira Event XS T-Dual Thermostatic £499.85
Prices subject to change*

Electric Shower

Electric showers take water from the cold water supply, the water is then passed through a heating element that in exchange produces instant hot water and an exceptional showering experience for the user. Water is only heated when in use cutting down on energy used to heat larger amounts therefore electric showers can be an energy saving alternative.

Mixer Shower

Mixer showers take water from your hot and cold supplies to combine them into your ideal temperature. Mira mixer showers feature advanced technology such as Mira Magni-flo™ technology which guarantees excellent performance even at low pressure. 

Digital Shower

Digital Showers offer a world of technology at your fingertips.Thermostatic temperature control gives you the desired option to warm up your shower from your smartphone.

Digital showers also take water from the hot and cold supplies which allows it to mix the hot and cold water to achieve your desired temperature and makes showering a safer and revitalising experience for all.

Power Shower

Power showers mix water from both hot and cold supplies to create the perfect temperature. While at the same time a pump in the main body pushes more water through, increasing water pressure and as a result enhances your shower experience like never before.

Power showers are suited to a low-pressure system and a plentiful supply of hot water. Mira power showers use an integral pump to boost the water flow so that you can always experience a deep clean.

Power Showers are available in thermostatic or manual options. They both deliver a powerful and exhilarating spray, even at low pressure with thermostatic giving you extra control over temperature and safety while showering.

How much are Bathroom Taps?

Types of TapsBudget Mid-RangeLuxury
Monobloc TapsMira Comfort – £103.95Mira Precision – £119.50Mira Fluency – £181.95
Sink TapsMira Excel – £29Mira Virtue – £83.50Mira Comfort – £109
Bath Filler TapsMira Comfort – £139Mira Honesty – £163.75Mira Precision – £165.95
Bath/Shower MixerMira Comfort BSM – £159.35Mira Evolve BSM – £168.25Mira Virtue BSM – £198.50
Prices subject to change*

Other Renovation Costs

Bathroom ExpensesAvg Cost UK
Tiles£500-800 (£20-40 per sqm)
Paint£250-400 (£25 per sqm)
Vanity Unit£170-300
Shower Tray£150-350
Overall InstallationAvg 7-10K
Above prices are estimates based on UK avg bathroom costs* Prices are subject to change.

How much does it cost for Installation?

This depends on location, in cities you may expect to pay more due to the higher costs of living and similar in more rural/remote locations where installers are fewer and far between and may charge more for distance. However, in towns and built up areas, competition could be rife and with some research you may be able to find the best offer. If you can find an installer willing to do the full remodel design and plan then you may save a few pounds.

Bare in mind, the more work that needs done the more the higher the cost including tiles, flooring, plumbing, fixture installation and so on can cost on average £9,800. (,2023).

How to Save on a Bathroom Renovation

  • Shop around for the best installation deal – always ask for a quote.
  • Pick and choose what you want to spend your money and where you can save.
  • If you can, keep plumbing outlets where they are and work your layout and plan around them.
  • Reuse as much as you can, if the cabinetry, or tiles are still in good condition and not outdated. Perhaps keep them and spruce them up with paint or new hardware. Making changes around them will still give you that update you wanted and save you a small fortune.
  • Look for secondhand pieces, you will be surprised what you can find on marketplace or at your local habitats for humanity.

How to know when your Bathroom is due an upgrade

It’s usually time to think of upgrades when your bathroom starts to look outdated, hardware starts to corrode and grout and walls start to look dirty, despite regular cleaning. Most home owners will want to change their bathroom between 7-10 years as styles fade and fixtures wear.

When to renovate?

  • Household occupancy changes
  • Paint starts chipping and looking noticeably worn.
  • Cracked tiles
  • Corroded hardware
  • Outdated technology
  • Leaks
  • You’re selling your house

No one is suggesting run out the minute any of these begin to happen but as time progresses and small touch ups become too much and you recognise more of the above then it could be the time to start. Perhaps you’re just ready for a change and adding some new fixtures will give you that spa-esque bathroom you always wanted.

How to prepare for a Bathroom Renovation

Depending on size of renovation and size of the bathroom a full renovation can take up to as long as 6 weeks. Once you get an idea of length of time you may want to start thinking of plans to work around this, do you have another bathroom to use, can you plan showers and bathing around the work, can you ask family nearby for a lend of their bathroom.

What can make a big difference to not only budget but is a huge time-saver is if you can do some of the prep work yourself. Whether you’re handy with a paintbrush or a hammer. Taking shelves down, mirrors anything you can remove ahead of the work will make it much easier for the installers to get in and get started.

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