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Push button shower controls are one of the easiest and user-friendly systems available for commercial spaces with so many on the market it can be hard to know which one to choose.

That is why we have enlisted the help of our Rada experts to explain everything you need to know when shopping for push button shower controls.

Why Rada Controls?

Rada Controls is a Kohler company that have been at the forefront of innovative products, built to withstand the tough demands of commercial washrooms. A broad range of commercial taps, showers, mixing valves and shower accessories designed to enhance user experience and improve quality of life.

Having launched the world’s first thermostatic tap in 1996 with Rada Thermotap. Rada has continued to expand their product range introducing their latest range Intelligent Care – specially designed for the healthcare industry and to help set new standards in water delivery and management.

What to look for when choosing Push Button Controls

When choosing a push button shower control there is several points you will want to keep in mind. What type of space will it be used for, will it be a high traffic area, what is the temperature adjustment settings, what is the ideal timing needed for the user, is it durable and long-lasting, is it easy to operate for users?

Luckily with push button also known as (non-concussive) they have an easy timed push mechanism, once the user pushes the button the water will flow as normal for approx 15-30 seconds in which the user can press the button again. Making it suitable in hospitals, schools, gyms and leisure facilities. Below we have listed popular Rada push button shower controls each designed to optimise your washroom and facilitate user needs.

Rada Push Button Options
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Rada T1 300 Timed Flow Control

Surface mount, chrome finish, push-button shower control with 30 (±10) seconds time flow.

  • Water saving
  • Robust design
  • Once piece cartridge
  • Ideal for group showering applications
  • Soft closing action
  • Adjustable flow rate

Rada T2 300B Timed Flow Shower Control

Built in, chrome finish, push button shower control with 30 (±10) seconds time flow.

  • Water saving
  • Robust design
  • Once piece cartridge
  • Soft closing action
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • 15mm compression connections
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Rada TF 31/1 Flow Control

1/2″ push-button flow control for duct mounting with 30 second timed flow complete with extended rod option for extra security and wall thickness 142-182mm

  • Water saving
  • Vandal resistant
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to use – push-button controls
  • Specially designed for prison applications
  • Suitable for wall thickness 142 mm to 182 mm

Rada T2 320 Timed Flow Shower Control

Surface mount rear fed, chrome finish, push button shower control with 30 (±10) seconds time flow.

  • Water saving
  • Robust design
  • Once piece cartridge
  • Soft closing action
  • Adjustable flow rate
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Benefits of Push-Button Showers in Public Washrooms

  • Seamless showering with the push of a button
  • Time efficient – Speeds up showering for high traffic public spaces
  • Environmentally friendly – Timed flow control reduces the amount of water used and avoids water wastage.
  • Reduces risk of shower being left on- Water stops within 20-30 seconds, reducing the risk of taps being left on and forgotten.
  • Helps those with disability or restricted movement; arthritis, ms, dementia etc.
  • Improved hygiene – Only need to touch the button once to get water.

Where do Push-Button Showers work best?

Push button showers can work in a range of facilities for both personal and commercial use. You will find that in busy, high traffic areas such as pools, gyms and schools benefit from having push button shower controls as they are economical and many can be installed at once great for group showering. They can also be useful in healthcare settings for vulnerable adults or those with limited movement with no adjustments needed.

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