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Brushed Nickel Bathrooms and Showers

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Say hello to your new favourite bathroom trend; Brushed Nickel. The cousin of copper and close friend of chrome. Brushed Nickel is the newest bathroom trend on the market. It adds a softer warm hue, leaning more in to yellow tones unlike its popular counterpart chrome with its cooler and bluish finish.

Brushed Nickel, while commonly dismissed could easily transform your bathroom with a diverse range of complimentary styles and colours to pair your nickel shower with you will be blown away by choice.

In addition, to our fantastic Summer offering with 10% off all Mira Brushed Nickel showers we wanted to take a minute to showcase some of our favourite Brushed Nickel showers and how we like to style them.

Mira Brushed Nickel Showers:

#1 Mira Opero Dual

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The Mira Opero, no complicated in-the- wall installation, no electricity, batteries or extra wiring needed! It is sleek, modern and extremely easy to use with illuminating controls letting you know when you’ve reached the perfect temperature to push-button dials for powerful performance in the blink of an eye.

#2 Mira Evoco Dual

Enjoy the utmost luxurious experience with the Evoco Dual alongside all the features found in the Opero. Easily switch between the overhead deluge and the handset both with high quality performance.

Available also with Triple outlet and Dual Bathfill options.

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How to Style Brushed Nickel?

We might look at Brushed Nickel and think of it as an in-the-door, out-the-door trend piece, or perhaps not the easiest to style but i’m afraid we are going to have prove you wrong. Similar to brass, nickel has been used in households for many years to add warmth. It compliments many colours, patterns, textures and beyond making design possibilities endless.

Not only can it blend and mix nicely with other metals we have broke down some of our favourite styles, colour combos and textures below:

#1 Statement Tiles – Dark Green and B&W Tile

For an all-round warm bathroom look, green is a perfect pairing. Pulling the yellow tones out giving you plenty of options to play with, we opted for two floor options walnut herringbone or a twist on a traditional black and white floor tile. Have fun mixing patterns and different design styles, like this statement victorian clawfoot bathtub and the black metal cabinet for an extra hit of luxury.

Brushed Nickel Bathrooms and Showers - 6 - Showers Direct

#2 Go Bold and Bright!

Here we show that you don’t have to shy away from bold colour, take for instance this turquoise sink and orange patterned tile how alongside your brushed nickel shower they can come together seamlessly and make a fun and bold statement. It just shows how broad you can go with colour matching and still get a personalised outcome.

Brushed Nickel Bathrooms and Showers - 7 - Showers Direct

#3 Earthy Neutral Tones and Textures

If you want to keep it softer and muted, Brushed Nickel is an excellent pairing with earthy neutrals, take these warm stone coloured tiles, browns and wood tones to create a relaxed and airy space. Mix natural textures such as wood ….

Brushed Nickel Bathrooms and Showers - 8 - Showers Direct

#4 Minimal and Clean Space

If classic minimal, monotone is more your style, we have you covered. Take a look at this classic white bathroom with black accents. You can easily keep your bathroom clean without losing character. White subway tiles will keep your space timeless, add black accents that will compliment your brushed nickel shower. For bolder statement accents we couldn’t resist including this blue pop of colour with the sink.

Brushed Nickel Bathrooms and Showers - 9 - Showers Direct

We hope some of our ideas show you how diverse Brushed Nickel can be to incorporate into your bathroom and how flexible and customisable it can be with so many options to choose from. Whether you like to keep it clean and classic or fun and bold there is something for everyone and will last for years to come.

Nows the time – our summer sale is here and you can get 10% off all our fabulous Brushed Nickel showers here.

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