10 things to Consider When Buying a Shower

10 things to Consider When Buying a Shower - 1 - Showers Direct

Replacing an existing shower or upgrading your current one? There is a host of information out there that can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 things you should consider when buying a shower. Confidently get the ball rolling before/when you speak with your plumber.

What to consider when buying a shower:

Space & Shower Size

One of the first things you need to consider is space. Some showers for instance, power showers may require a larger amount of space for the additional pump. Make sure to check all your measurements over and ask yourself what type of shower is suitable, does your bathroom layout make room for adjustments, other things to consider including use of shower tray, depth of the tray, enclosures and shape.

Bathroom Layout

Drawing up plans or consulting with your installer will make this process run a lot smoother. It will give you a strong idea of what can be achieved in your space and what you might have to rule out. If this is your first bathroom renovation then you might be surprised to find what will work and what won’t. Here is an example of a bathroom blueprint; you may even be able to design a draft yourself with the right measurements.

10 things to Consider When Buying a Shower - 2 - Showers Direct

Water Pressure

Knowing the water pressure in your house will narrow down the type of shower you need for your bathroom.

Low pressure systems work best with an electric shower which will provide instant hot water at a consistent flow. Electric showers can also be energy efficient and provide hot water for a long period of time.

Not sure what type of pressure you have? Check your boiler, if you have a combi-boiler system then the water pressure will likely be high pressure. High pressure systems will be a suitable match for a mixer shower which combines hot and cold valves to achieve your desired temperature.

Type of Shower-head

There is a variety of options to choose from fixed shower heads, wall arm shower heads, ceiling arm shower heads which have their own set of features to consider.

Make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • Does it suit my exisiting shower?
  • Do I want chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, mirrorless?
  • What will work for my household?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Do you want a head with a mix of settings; jet, mist?
  • What kind of power?

You can find a variety of showerheads to choose from here. Don’t see anything you like? Give us a call and we can order one in for you.


When drawing out your plans one thing that is easy to forget is adding in storage. If you have a large household, young children or simply next-to-no household storage. You will benefit from including built-in storage, a hot press, shelving, under-sink cabinetry. If you are limited by space, get creative by adding standalone shelving, or corner shelves and back-of-door hooks.

Price / Budget

Setting a budget for your project during the initial planning stage will help determine what you can achieve. Renovations can get costly but knowing what you are willing to pay will give you a clearer outlook on what each item will cost and help your installer get you the best quote for your project.

Shower Height

Shower height is an important factor to consider. If you like the idea of a fixed head make sure to check the height of other shower users in your house. While these may look good, they limit the ability to adjust for different height requirements.

Choosing a fixed shower head will still require more measurements to ensure the height of your shower to your water inlet pipes. Make sure you measure the distance between these and your ceiling to make sure you have enough clearance.

Alternatively, a slider rail will enable you and other users to adjust the height to your preference.

Shower Walls

There is many types of shower walls to choose from and can be a crucial design decision make sure to look at the different options available and what would work best for your bathroom. Here is some to consider:

Shower Walls
Acrylic Pros : Reduces mold and moisture issues, budget-friendly, high durability.
Glass TilesPros:  Waterproof and easy to clean.
Cons: More expensive, requires installation by professional.
FiberglassPros: Easy installation, water resistant and affordable
Cons: Prone to scratches, bulky and may need replaced sooner that other options.
CeramicPros: Versatile design and styles, easy to install, affordable
Cons: May cause mold and mildew.
PorcelainPros: Timeless design, affordable and water resistant.
Cons: Non-grip texture.
Single-sheet PlasticPros: Inexpensive, easy-to-install, very lightweight.
Cons: Limited design choices.
Natural StonePros: Luxurious, verstatile, comes in variety of styles and design.
Cons: Long-lasting
Laminated wall panelsPros: Easy-to-insall and look authentic.
Cons: More expensive

Bathroom Style and Design

We spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom on a daily basis. So we understand when you want it to look and feel exactly right and accommodate for your household and lifestyle.

Don’t panic if you don’t know where to start, try collecting some inspiration pictures of what you like. If you’re stuck visit our pinterest page here were we have compiled some inspiration. When you have an idea of what style and design you prefer, speak with your bathroom provider or installer.

Future proofing

We can’t predict the future but when it comes to designing your bathroom it’s worthwhile doing a bit of thinking as to what may or may not change in the years to come. What works today might not work in a number of years time. Think trends, are they going to be “in style” in 3, 4, 5 years, are you planning on starting a family or perhaps growing your existing one? Taking a bit of time to think these through in the planning stage could save you a fortune in the long run.

Functionality is key when it comes to choosing the right shower for your house…..


We hope some of these tips help guide you through your bathroom project. Remember it’s important that the shower you choose is functional but also safe, read about Mira Coolshield technology here.

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