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North Vs South: The UK’s Most Instagrammable Restaurant Bathrooms

North Vs South: The UK's Most Instagrammable Restaurant Bathrooms - 1 - Showers Direct

Can anyone resist a bathroom selfie at a fancy restaurant? not a chance in these locations.  London & Manchester restaurant bathrooms have become well-known pit stops for idyllic photo opportunities.

We used Tripadvisor review data to reveal the top bathrooms for a picturesque snap. You may encounter the most divine food, delicious drinks or excellent service in the world – but a trip to the loo can really make or break your experience.

Whether you’re topping up your make-up in the mirror or are having a natter with your friends over the sink, a stunning bathroom can make the toilet trip a little bit more special.

London dominate this list with amazing bathrooms, but it looks like Manchester is ready to eat up some of this space with four bathrooms out of 14 on the list being in MCR and one featuring within the top 5.

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Top Restaurant Bathrooms UK

1) Aqua Shard, London

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A post shared by Stefano Sironi (@sir.stefano)

The ultimate loo with a view! It’s no surprise that this toilet won first place as the most talked about restaurant toilet.  It doesn’t get any better than aiming into the Thames. Make sure you visit the toilet and admire views of London from the 31st floor.

Tripadvisor Review: “Even the toilets are pretty special – a loo with a view if you will 😉”

2) Sketch Gallery, London

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A post shared by sketch (@sketchlondon)

Since these toilets are located in one of London’s most beautiful restaurants it’s no surprise they are so high on this list. The rainbow lighting, curved mirrors and futuristic futuristic egg pods will certainly capture attention on your Instagram.

The egg-shaped toilets came to me in a nightmare…”
– sketch owner Mourad Mazouz on the birth of the eggs

Tripadvisor Review: “Check out the toilets! Amazing! It’s like one is on a movie set, of Aliens or Cocoon. Incredibly quirky. “

3) NOPI, London

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A post shared by NOPI (@nopi_restaurant)

The Michelin restaurant said that they can always tell when it’s a guest’s first time at NOPI by their reaction after visiting the bathroom. Filled with infinity mirrors, the design by @alex_meitlis creates a kaleidoscopic environment much like Yayoi Kusama’s art.

It’s a compliment and contrast contrast to the calm dining room upstairs. Quite a surprise if you’re not expecting it!

This bathroom might be a tricky one to navigate while drunk.

Tripadvisor Review:  “The bathrooms feel like something out of Alice in Wonderland.”

4) City Social, London

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A post shared by Rob Neumann (@neumann_rob)

If you’re looking to go to great heights for the perfect Instagram picture, City Social’s bathroom on the 24th floor of Tower 42 could be the place for you. Sleek and modern with vanity tables against the window allow you to reapply while enjoying one of the best views within London.

Tripadvisor Review: The views here are out of this world even the bathrooms have floor to ceiling windows to enjoy and explore the views. It didn’t just stop here for us. We sat down for drinks right by the window which has a spectacular views. 

5) The Ivy, Manchester.

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A post shared by The Ivy Manchester (@theivymanchester)

The bathroom within the Ivy, Spinningfields is one of the most well know bathrooms in Manchester. And rightly so, not only is the restaurant beautiful, the women bathroom features an amazing statue and unique pink finishes. It’s a pink,  floral haven with individual toilet cubicles, sinks and mirrors. It’s not just the appearance of the toilet that impressed their guests though, they apparently smell great too.

Tripadvisor Review: the toilets are incredible, and I Would like to ask do they spray perfume in there as the smell was unreal, or were they plug ins, I need to know, they smelt so amazing.

6) 20 Stories Restaurant, Manchester.

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A post shared by 20 Stories Manchester (@20storiesmcr)

You can find 20 Stories Restaurant at No.1 Spinningfields, Manchester. This prestigious bar and restaurant is highly recognised for its unbeatable sight of Manchester city.

You can sit indoors or outside on the huge terrace that’s 92 metres up in the air. It’s not just the restaurant area that boasts amazing views. The building offering 360-degree views of Manchester’s skyline, making this the ultimate loo with a view.

Tripadvisor Review: Take a visit to the bathrooms to experience breathtaking views although might be difficult for anyone who doesn’t like heights.

7) Le Gavroche’s, London.

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A post shared by YULIA PODGORNAYA (@yl.podgornaya)

Le Gavroche’s design has not changed since it opened 50 years ago. The French restaurant features avant-garde interior with an array of antique hand mirrors arranged on the white marble walls.

The gold-framed mirrors, creamy walls and herringbone-tiled floors balance out the drama of the wall hangings. You’ll for sure want this aesthetically pleasing bathroom on your Instagram.

Tripadvisor Review: The ladies toilets are superbly decorated – like a palace! I would love to return to this restaurant

8) Australasia, Manchester.

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A post shared by ياسمين سمور (@yasmeen_samourr)

Located in Spinningfields, this stylish sanctuary in Manchester city centre is a hidden treasure.

After wandering down its simplistic entrance stairs, this high end restaurant certainly won’t disappoint, and neither will the bathroom.

Featuring a vintage feel with a modern finish, these trendy black rimmed mosaic tiles make this bathroom a delight and an element of the restaurant not to be missed.

Tripadvisor Review: The food was sublime, the decor felt like you weren’t in Manchester, even the bathrooms looked the part.

9) Sexy Fish, London.

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A post shared by MissIamAlex (@missiamalex)

Asian restaurant Sexy Fish is a work of art, from its 13ft crocodile installation by Frank Gehry to the aquatic-themed Damien Hirst sculptures. Sexy Fish is full of diners with a camera in hand and this doesn’t stop when they visit the bathroom. You only need a quick scroll down the restaurant’s tagged pictures on Instagram to see just how popular they are.

Tripadvisor Review: The bathrooms I could live in, the decor was very funky, and the staff were great.

10) Brasserie of Light, London.

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A post shared by Brasserie of Light (@brasserieoflight)

Selfridges’ all-day restaurant Brasserie of Light is understandably one of the most talked about restaurants. The centrepiece of the restaurant is the crystal-encrusted statue of Pegasus by Damien Hirst. The bathroom is definitely a spot you’ll want on your Instagram backdrops with clad head-to-toe pink marble.

Tripadvisor Review: “Brasserie of light is a beautiful restaurant even the toilets are stunning!”


We researched and collected a large list of restaurants within London and Manchester that are well known for an aesthetic bathroom. We then analysed Tripadvisor data to reveal the top 14 bathrooms in the UK to get a show stopping selfie. We refined the review data to 4 or 5 stars, ensuring they are only good reviews that mention the “bathroom”. To capture all of the great reviews mentioning the bathroom we also filtered by ‘loo’, ‘toilet’, ‘WC’ and ‘washroom’.